Equity and Traffic Safety at Caltrans

Caltrans Office of Race and Equity webpage

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) began developing their groundwork for safety and equity to come together. Over the past two years, Caltrans has made strides forward in this goal, starting with establishing a new Division of Safety Programs to build California’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) on four safety-focused principles: Double Down on What Works Accelerate Advanced Technology […]

How Ohio DOT Advanced Equity in Traffic Safety with HSIP Funds

Flyer for Ohio DOT HSIP Process with Equity Metric

In Fall 2021, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) adjusted its Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) process to include with equity components in scoring. Their HSIP process now integrates crash data with correlated U.S. Census data. Based on ODOT research, in Ohio, fatal and serious injury crashes are overrepresented by 9.8% within Census block groups that have a poverty rate (population with income […]

New Resources for Equity, Safe Systems and Traffic Safety

Toward Zero Deaths - The National Strategy Vision is a Highway System Free of Fatalities

New materials from traffic safety partners are featured: GHSA Addressing the Role of Behavioral Safety in Safe Systems, ITE Case Studies on Implementing the Safe System Approach in the U.S., GHSA Analysis of Traffic Fatalities by Race and Ethnicity, and info from the Traffic Safety Culture Pooled Fund

Engaging Citizens in Traffic Safety Culture

Friends fasten seat belt before driving

What is traffic safety citizenship? How do you tap into the people in your community most likely to stand up for traffic safety? Learn about this non-traditional approach to traffic safety and find insights in the Pooled Fund research project.

AASHTO and Toward Zero Deaths Join Call for Zero Traffic Deaths by 2050

Zero Traffic Deaths 2050 website screenshot

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) partnered with Road to Zero Coalition, Vision Zero Network, Families for Safe Streets, and dozens more organizations and individuals by co-signing a letter to President Joe Biden to urge him to commit the efforts of the federal government to achieve […]

TowardZeroDeaths.org has a new look

Toward Zero Deaths - The National Strategy Vision is a Highway System Free of Fatalities

Welcome to the new and improved TowardZeroDeaths.org and thank you for spending time to learn, improve and share your traffic safety strategies. Toward Zero Deaths: The National Strategy in Highway Safety remains the cornerstone of the website, but with improvements to functionality and navigation across the entire site. The website has been restructured with you […]

TZD Participates in New Road To Zero Coalition to End Roadway Fatalities

hands on a steering wheel looking through windshield at divided highway

In 2016 alone, more than 40,000 people died on U.S. roads, a number that saw a 6 percent increase from 2015 and a 14 percent increase from 2014, according to the National Safety Council. This increase is the highest in more than five decades. On top of that, more than 4.5 million motor vehicle injuries […]

Share Our PSA Video—It Could Save a Life

Last year more than 30000 people died on our nation's roadways

The Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) PSA, Moving Toward Zero, helps communicate the mission of TZD and how we must all work together to get to zero. We see a tragic number of traffic fatalities on our nation’s roadways. Many are working to reduce that number. How do we move Toward Zero Deaths? Zero is not […]

Making Safe Behavior the Only Choice Through Infrastructure Management


The success of many Toward Zero Deaths National Strategies rely on our infrastructure. Even simple innovations in the way we design and build our roadways can lead to safer conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. One of the most simplistic examples of the way infrastructure interacts with another safety emphasis area is speed management. Specifically, […]