TZD > The National Strategy Vision is a Highway System Free of Fatalities

Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) is a national strategy on highway safety to advocate for eliminating serious injuries and deaths on our nation’s roadways, conceptualized by safety practitioners, researchers, advocates, and others from a variety of disciplines. The strategy calls for all stakeholders to champion the idea that one death on our nation’s roadways is too many, and we must all work together to bring the annual number of roadway deaths down to zero.

One person dies every 16 minutes in a traffic crash in our country. Over a lifetime, nearly everyone is touched by consequences of traffic crashes. Toward Zero Deaths is the highway safety vision for the United States. It is the only acceptable target.

This road map provides a framework for implementing the TZD National Strategy at the state and local levels. It identifies essential components for successfully starting and sustaining a TZD program—and ultimately achieving the goal of zero deaths.

Creating a positive traffic safety culture is integral to helping our nation move toward a vision of a highway system with no fatalities. This section is a collection of resources from the emerging field of transforming traffic safety culture.

A variety of communication tools for the Toward Zero Deaths program are provided. The TZD Strategic Communication Plan outlines suggested audiences and stakeholders, goals, objectives, tactics, timelines, milestones and measurement metrics.