Only Together Can We Move Toward Zero Deaths

Only Together Can We Move Toward Zero Deaths

Thank you for joining the Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) initiative. Every year, traffic crashes claim the lives of more than 32,000 people in the United States–that’s 32,000 people taken from their family and friends. And despite the efforts of thousands of people working nationwide to make our roadways safer, traffic fatalities are still on the rise. That’s why we as a nation need a common zero-based goal. That’s why we need your help, and we need it now. You see, every individual or group who supports our cause moves us one step Toward Zero Deaths. Thank you for becoming a champion for TZD.

Toward Zero Deaths isn’t just an ideology, it’s a collaborative collection of groups ranging from public health organizations and law enforcement agencies to emergency medical services and occupant protection. These groups, many of which have never worked together, are united under a single goal: Zero. They strive to develop safety culture. We want to get to a place where society sees someone being unsafe as unacceptable.

Not only is this partnership-focused effort the first of its kind, it can only succeed if we all work together. Remember, the sum of all our efforts is Zero.

Resource Manager
As a participant of Toward Zero Deaths, you now have access to the TZD Resource Manager. This database will allow you to see what other states are doing to create safer roads, as well as share your own efforts to promote traffic safety. We invite you to create an account and upload any resources that you have seen to be effective. In coming months, with your help, we will share even more great examples of Toward Zero Deaths at work.


What to Expect from Us
Your participation in Toward Zero Deaths is invaluable. You are our partner in working together toward our national goal. As such, we want to keep in touch. We’ll keep you informed of any news or innovative traffic safety solutions happening across the nation via an occasional enewsletter. We will also keep you updated on the development of online tools or webinars that we will use to support one another in our efforts to promote safety culture.

What We Expect from You
Only with everyone’s help can we reach our goal of Zero. We hope you’ll take this goal very seriously and become a true advocate of safety culture. Educate yourself on the Toward Zero Deaths program and take advantage of all the assets on our website. You can utilize any of the PSA videos, TZD National Strategy documents, logos, branding and more, to spread the TZD message far and wide.

Toward Zero Deaths Steering Committee