has a new look has a new look

Welcome to the new and improved and thank you for spending time to learn, improve and share your traffic safety strategies.

Toward Zero Deaths: The National Strategy in Highway Safety remains the cornerstone of the website, but with improvements to functionality and navigation across the entire site.

The website has been restructured with you in mind—taking into consideration how it can better support TZD efforts by national, state and local advocates of traffic safety. While you’ll notice some changes, we are confident you’ll appreciate the improvements as well.

With the wealth of information available from experts and programs across the nation, a library of content was created in a way to make ideas, strategy and assets easily searchable. Not only are these resources now easier to find, they are also available without having to log in or remember a password. Additionally, a dedicated section for Traffic Safety Culture was added to highlight our commitment and progress towards implementing effective changes in small and large communities through case studies and other learning materials.

For those new to TZD, resources to get started on implementing your own program are now highlighted in the main menu. These resources, from NCHRP 17-64, will guide you as you begin planning your own implementation and safety culture.

Your efforts and local examples continue to make this website a valuable resource to programs across the country. If your department or your state is having success, or if you have developed new materials that you would like to share, please contact us to have it added to the site. We love your content!